Board of Commissioners

District #1
Douglas Huttmann
56117 Hwy 24
Stanton NE 68779


ELK (Pt Elkhorn), SBE (Pt Spring Branch, Pt Elkhorn), SBW (Pt Spring Branch)

Commissioner District Map


District #2
Dennis Kment
56779 Golf Course Rd
Stanton NE 68779
(402) 439-2313


BST (Butterfly, Pt Stanton),  STN (Pt Stanton) UCB (Union Creek, Pt Butterfly)


District #3
Duane Rehak
57495 830 Rd
Howells NE 68641
(402) 841-1760


DWY (Dewey), DMR (Dimick, Pt Ramshorn), HMR (Haymow, Maple Creek, Pt Ramshorn), PK (Pilger, Kingsburg), SBE (Pt Spring Branch, Pt Elkhorn), SBW (Pt Spring Branch)

County Budget Information
County Levy Sheet
Property Tax Protest Information

Permit Application (PDF format) - Permit to Construct on County Right of Way
Vac-Aband Application (PDF format) - Road Vacation/Abandonment Procedure

Chairman – Dennis Kment

Regular meetings -
     3rd Monday of each month at 8:00AM.
     (except Holidays)

Minutes 2020

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