Board of Commissioners

District #1
Douglas Huttmann
56117 Hwy 24
Stanton NE 68779


ELK (Pt Elkhorn), SBE (Pt Spring Branch, Pt Elkhorn), SBW (Pt Spring Branch)

Commissioner District Map


District #2
Dennis Kment
56779 Golf Course Rd
Stanton NE 68779
(402) 439-2313


BST (Butterfly, Pt Stanton),  STN (Pt Stanton) UCB (Union Creek, Pt Butterfly)


District #3
Duane Rehak
57495 830 Rd
Howells NE 68641
(402) 841-1760


DWY (Dewey), DMR (Dimick, Pt Ramshorn), HMR (Haymow, Maple Creek, Pt Ramshorn), PK (Pilger, Kingsburg), SBE (Pt Spring Branch, Pt Elkhorn), SBW (Pt Spring Branch)

September 21, 2023 - Joint Public Hearing Presentation
2023-2024 Budget Hearing Notice
2023 Joint Hearing Notice
2023-2024 Property Tax Request Docs
2023-2024 Budget Funds

Property Tax Protest Information

Permit Application (PDF format) - Permit to Construct on County Right of Way
Vac-Aband Application (PDF format) - Road Vacation/Abandonment Procedure

Chairman – Dennis Kment

Regular meetings -
     3rd Monday of each month at 8:00AM.
     (except Holidays)