Special Designated License Information

Tobacco License:

Every person, partnership or corporation, desiring a license under this act, shall file with the clerk or finance department of the city, town, or village where his, their or its place of business is located, if within the limits of a city, town or village or with the clerk of the county where such business is located if, outside the limits of any city, town or village, written applications, stating the name of the person, partnership or corporation for whom such license is desired, and the exact location of the place of business; and shall deposit with such application the amount of the license fee hereinafter provided.

The term for which license shall run shall be from the date of filing such application and paying such license fee to and including December 31 of the calendar year in which application for such license is made.

If an application for a license is made after July 1 of any calendar year the fee shall be one-half of the fee provided in this section.

Application Form

Special Designated Liquor License:

A one-day liquor license can be obtained by a nonprofit type organization or a retail licensee who wishes to hold an event off his licensed premises. The license fee is $40 made payable to the Nebraska Liquor Control Commission. Each application must have local approval and pay a $25.00 fee.

Special Designated License Information
Nebraska Liquor Control Commission
Nebraska Liquor Control OnLine Forms

Farm, Ranch, or Home Registration:

The owner of any farm, ranch, or home may, upon the payment of one dollar ($1) to the county clerk of the county in which such farm, ranch, or home is located, have the name of the farm, ranch, or home duly recorded and receive a certificate setting forth the name of the farm, ranch or home, its description by the United States survey, and the name of the owner. (Nebraska State Statute 61-105)

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